Your community cannot achieve long-term restoration without you.

Fastest growing prison population in the US

Fastest growing prison population in the US from 2012-2016

Cost to the state is $25k per year per individual

$100K – average cost of incarcerating one individual

Only 50% of the inmates have full-time employment upon their release

41% of people on parole don’t have full-time employment

1 out of 2 return to prison

1 out of 2 return to prison post-release

4.3 years of incarceration

16% of children have had a parent incarcerated

Net growth of 45 individuals incarcerated each month

Third-highest state for children living in poverty

Where you are

Restore Hope

Where you are

Five years ago, Arkansas had the fastest growing prison and foster care populations in the Nation.

Today, Restore Hope aims at harnessing the passion of individuals, public-sector agencies, companies, and social and religious organizations to claim accountability for their communities.

Restore Hope is an initiative that brings communities together to restore justice for all.

Public Sector | Social Sector | Private Sector

We need:

Bullet Leaders defining their community’s needs

Bullet Service providers collaborating to execute a common agenda

Bullet Individuals gaining access to the care they need

Bullet Your community to Restore Hope within the justice system

This vision includes all members of a community. We are calling on you to come together and work towards the betterment of your justice system for the good of your community. Restore Hope simply provides the support needed to make this a reality.

We want to see Arkansas, and her people, prosper.

If more Arkansans take initiative to restore justice in their communities, it advances the common good. It will decrease crime, increase the value placed on families, and allow for taxpayer money to be spent elsewhere.

A New Approach

For Communities:

Restore Hope believes that no one agency or organization can solve the problem: Collaboration is the solution. It takes a community working together.


We Do

Restore Hope provides a staff support network and emerging software technology to advocate, lobby elective representatives, and support community alliances—made up of public, private, and social sector representatives, all with the goal of implementing a community approach to change.



Restore Hope aims at facilitating second chance opportunities for men and women returning from prison by streamlining preexisting services and connecting people to life-skill coaches from their communities. Similarly, we focus on the most vulnerable and often overlooked children throughout the state. It is our conviction that community collaboration is the way to help these men, women, and children, while saving the state millions of dollars that can be spent on other critical needs.