Access Care

Individuals must be aware of and have access to services available to them in their communities.

Restore Hope recognizes that in order for communities to improve, their most vulnerable must have knowledge of and access to services. For this reason, Restore Hope acts as a brokering agency that works to connect those in need with services in their community. Restore Hope partners with Arkansas Community Corrections and treatment centers in each community to fill gaps in case management coordination to ensure that individuals are granted access to the services available to them.

The GoodGrid

Restore Hope Arkansas provides a Collaborative Case Management tool called GoodGrid. The GoodGrid tool connects all participating service providers in a community giving them the ability to manage and measure the collective impact of their efforts on a case-by-case basis.

As each individual seeking care is served by any of the participating GoodGrid service participants, a case file is placed into GoodGrid system. The case file will identify the entire scope of the individual’s needs and alert other service providers within the network. Each time the individual accesses a service, the case file will be updated and the information shared within the system.

The GoodGrid case file will be initiated long before reentry to a community allowing both the individual and the community to prepare for a successful reentry.

Collaborative Case Management platform for community members:

  • Employment tools including resume builder and open job matching
  • Overlapping case management system for service providers to align activities
  • Realtime service provider
  • Learning management system for delivery of online training and education
  • Volunteering system pairing individuals with volunteer

The Good Grid is a community platform for requesting and delivering social services. The Good Grid contains an easy to use Resume Builder, Job Board, and Resume Smart Match feature to help returning citizens overcome the “employment barrier” that many face during the first months of reentry. The Good Grid also offers a Learning Management System that allows for distribution of content (for training, relapse prevention, etc.) specific to the unique needs of men and women on probation or parole supervision.

ACT 1190 identified the need for a correctional case management system for the ADC and ACC. Protech Solutions has expanded the scope of the Good Grid to include a feature rich Collaborative Case Management System designed to systematically address and reduce barriers to reentry. The Good Grid Layer II development adds features for housing match, both transitional and permanent, client (returning citizen) initiated service provider requests, service provider response and scheduling, and case manager referrals for acute and long-term needs. This intense offender engagement and collaborative approach is expected to significantly lower recidivism in Arkansas.