Restore Hope’s Reentry program involves the collaborative efforts of government agencies, non-profits and the business community working together to provide needed services to incarcerated individuals during incarceration and after their release. In partnership with Arkansas Community Correction, Harbor House Inc., and Protech Solutions’ Good Grid platform, Restore Hope provides case management services to incarcerated individuals who are at a high risk for recidivating and connects them to post-release services in the community they are paroling to.

Restore Hope case managers determine eligibility for TANF services, collect critical data related to potential barriers to successful reentry, i.e. fines and fees, suspended license, child support issues, housing, employment, transportation, identification, and history of adverse childhood experiences. Case Managers and Interns review the collected information and prepare notes for the client and their post-release substance abuse counselor, or recovery coach.

Following release, individuals are placed into a streamlined program leading them towards successful reentry into society. Upon their release, each individual is connected to post-release support in the community they are paroling to, in the form of a Harbor House recovery coach or an Arkansas Community Corrections Subatance Abuse Program Leader (SAPL). The goal is that barriers to reentry will be overcome, and that each individual will have the opportunity to be supported throughout their transition, helping the individual gain stability and move towards a rich, full, and meaningful life.