In August of 2015, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson called for the Restore Hope Summit as a charge for faith leaders to engage in the care of children in the foster care system and individuals who are re-entering society from prison.

Through Governor Hutchinson’s direction, the non-profit enterprise, Restore Hope Arkansas, Inc., was created to bridge the recognized gap between government services and communities struggling to reduce the rate of incarceration, to facilitate a successful re-entry from incarceration to freedom, and to reduce the number of children entering our state’s foster care system.

Successfully addressing the needs of these seemingly unrelated groups of individuals is one of the most complex socio-economic challenges facing Arkansas today. And yet, every key measurement indicates that the core challenges faced by these groups of individuals is the same and must be addressed at the local community level.

Governor Hutchinson has directed Restore Hope Arkansas to attack these dual challenges aggressively and with urgency and has pledged the full support and resources of his office and the state in support of these efforts:

“I have no desire to convene this Restore Hope Summit and to leave here only with hope. We need to follow that with action, commitment, measuring sticks, determine how we’ve done, how we’re growing, how many more are joining the effort, what progress we’re making. I’m asking today for the steering committee that has convened and helped set the stage for this summit to reconvene, to follow up, to see, how can we measure our progress? How can we get together in smaller groups to make sure we’re following up, to make sure we’re having the success that we desire?”


— Governor Asa Hutchinson