100 Families

Originating in the River Valley, 100 Families is an initiative to help 100 families move from crisis to career, using existing community resources by engaging community partners, training agencies on a collaborative case management system, and recruiting case managers to respond when a family is in crisis. This was accomplished by the community and for the community.

Families served will be engaged by any provider in the partnership, collaboratively case managed through “care teams” consisting of multiple organizations, and moved from crisis to career.

The 100 Families Declaration of Participation:

What impacts one of our families directly impacts us all. A family in crisis affects loved ones, neighbors, schools, businesses, social services, and too often our justice system. We have come to realize that many of these families need more help than any one of us can provide. In recognition of this truth, we are compelled to act.

  • We believe that hope is fuel for action. We will restore hope.
  • We will not stand by while families in our community are in crisis.
  • We believe that change is possible.
  • We will not be about claiming credit but rather changing lives, restoring hope and building our community.
  • We will work through differences and break down silos.
  • We will recognize the profound importance of life’s basics: food, clothing, shelter and healthcare.
  • We will look below surface symptoms to discover root causes.
  • We will meet the needs of the whole person and whole family.
  • We will not ignore the impact of addiction, mental illness, trauma and physical restraints.
  • We will seek the change that comes from recovery, wellness and healthy living.
  • We will build on the foundations of wellness by educating families about physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual wellness.
  • We will work hard on the tasks at hand while empowering individuals toward a stable, long-term career.



We as a community can not be successful at helping transform families if we continue to look at families from a single problem stance. We can’t put all our time and money into providing services that don’t change lives, that don’t solve problems, and that don’t improve a families ability to move forward. Families in crisis typically have multiple issues they are dealing with. The crisis is the one problem, but the root cause and the needs of the family are multi-faceted.

Basic Needs

Families need food, need clothing, and need shelter. We are blessed to have wonderful organizations providing these needs in this community. The community will continue to serve these needs, but we won’t stop here either. Collaborative organizations will do a full intake and assessment on every family to find out where their true needs lie, not just the ones on the surface. Basic needs are provided as a means to help families toward greater outcomes.


We do not want to shy away from the root problems that families are dealing with: addiction, mental illness, physical constraints, and trauma. These issues left unattended keep parents from being able to hold down a job or provide for their families. This community-wide approach sets up all vulnerable families with a recovery coach or family coach. Evidence based research shows that both of these models, recovery coach using the ACT model and multi- generational coaching (family coaching) are both very effective at providing healing for families. These services will be provided to the 100 families.


We call it “the gym” for opportunity. Many parents grew up without parents that taught them values or encouraged them to have hope for the future. Several different paths will be offered. One of those is the Crossroads program which uses entrepreneurship training to help students learn how to start a new life with a renewed mind. Coupled with life skills training and coaching, the program will help change a person’s mindset and gives them one of the greatest change agents in the world, HOPE.

Employment/ Education

This is where the rubber meets the road. This is opportunity. Once opportunity is ready to be accessed, it can be lifechanging. Don’t get us wrong, everyone should be working, if they are able to do so, from day one. That is why while working the “first job”, we are letting the helping the client access opportunity. Community partners will be train families for a career path. The whole set up from mindset training helps them develop a life plan, a course of action. They discover what they want to do and how to get there all while having the income and support to keep their family together and healthy.